Carpets and Floorings

Carpet and flooring division is another Portland Group of Companies pride to continuously provide a pledge of bringing brands and products at your doorstep. With more than 20 years of reputation for excellence, we have built a strong and extensive network of architects,contractors, dealers and designers. Inside our factory is an advance technology in yarn spinning,tufting and finishing, blended with the highest level of craftsmanship, to bring you the finest carpets. Behind every masterpiece of distinctive carpet and enduring quality are talented and skilled team of people that are weaving elegance and beauty to every high rise buildings, five star hotels, high class restaurants, commercial offices, and domestic houses. Every design embodies our long standing vision of making sure that we provide the best satisfaction with speed and creativity.

Carpet & flooring division

Our Carpet & flooring division is all about innovative floorings with trends and styles,shapes and colors, dimensions and structures that are customized just for you.